Importance of securing office buildings

Securing your office buildings has several components, and there is a minimum of 9 key techniques that are employed to achieve optimal security levels. Depending on individual circumstances and needs, more technologies and components need be employed.

security system of office

The first task in securing your office buildings is to evolve a comprehensive program. This program should also define whether the office security will be manned by employees or through an outsourced agency specializing in providing office security services. Once such a program is evolved, it gets a lot easier to examine the program in detail. Office security should cover both people as well as technology and should be implemented at every entry point with access control. Similarly, the parking area, elevators and visitors lounge should also be covered under office security.

With businesses getting more and more complex, it is essential that business owners have total control over who can access what areas of the business and when. An access control system addresses this issue. However, some companies may also want to expand the scope of the access control system to incorporate movement control for one or more employees within a specified area, or limit access to sensitive areas like the server room for instance, in an I.T. business to only designated individuals etc.

Physical locks are still important

In many establishments, people simply forget to lock sensitive areas using a physical lock. Even with advancement in surveillance technology, a physical lock is still important and can save many potential events. Putting in a system where the user/s lock designated space and a security personnel cross checks before the employee leaves the office is a good idea too.

Office building security for smaller establishments

Creating a security cordon for smaller establishments has never been easier. Business owners today can either buy a wide range of security devices tailored to their specific needs from renowned companies such as Chubb Security and Dhillon Networks, who supply and do the installation of such devices. Once installed, these devices need monitoring, and here again, an option is available to outsource the monitoring activity or employ people to do this in-house. The cost and complexity of the security system would depend on the size as well as layers of security that the business needs.

Advantages of outsourcing security

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Outsourcing the security of your office buildings has several advantages. In the first place, your HR department may not have adequate and competent resources to find and place the right type of security personnel because it is a different segment altogether. But when you outsource the activity, the service provider is responsible for all aspects of securing your premises, and only the right people are posted on covering your office building. The service provider carries out the background for the personnel employed and assumes full responsibility if, and, when an event occurs. On the other hand, when you employ the security personnel on the rolls of your business, the accountability factor gets compromised to an extent. More importantly, when you outsource security of your office building, an external service provider is in a better position to respond to exigencies since additional personnel can be deployed quickly and withdrawn when the situation regains normalcy.

Further, larger buildings and organisations will also need a fleet of vehicles, devices, gadgets, uniforms etc. to secure every part of your business efficiently. With an outsourced agency, you don’t need to carry an inventory of all these items, and the cost of providing these accessories is built into the cost of your contract.

Disadvantages of outsourcing security

While outsourcing your office building does have specific advantages, it is not with its share of disadvantages. For instance, when your office building security is entrusted to a third party, you are essentially compromising a degree of control. For instance, you will not be in control of specifying the uniform for the guards, their general appearance, facial hair, or even tardiness. Further, if you experience a problem with the behaviour, attitude or language, you can only approach the company for redressal than initiate appropriate action yourself. Similarly, if one of your employees gets into a confrontation or disagreement with a security personnel from the outsourced agency, you may have to bring in the agency chief or an appropriate authority to deal with the situation, and that could be time-consuming.

Another disadvantage with outsourced security personnel is that your employees may be treated as outsiders. This is essentially not a desirable situation since they are the people contributing to the furtherance of your business, and it is unlikely that they digest any unacceptable behaviour from an agency personnel. In worst case scenarios these employees may not even express their concern verbally, but simply become less motivated to bring out the best in them.

The following are among major providers and installers of office building security systems across Australia

Dhillon Networks – Melbourne

door alarm security device

Dhillon Networks is Melbourne based and Australian owned business which represents certified installers in the field of home security devices and equipment. They offer Visual/Audio, telephone and data communication aids as well as services. Homeowners in Melbourne and her neighbourhoods can buy peace of mind with security devices from Dhillon networks.
Dhillon Networks can leverage a vast network of experience, skills and technology to ensure that the best in class products and services are available for protecting your home and business with state-of-the-art products as well as solutions.

Epilson security – Sydney

Epsilon Security brings over two decades of experience and expertise in providing security devices for homes and offices. Epsilon specializes in designing and installing electronic surveillance products from Asia and Europe including access control systems, home automation, and CCTV for commercial and residential establishments. Epsilon’s services are also available in Brisbane and Melbourne.

SMS Security – Perth

SMS security in Perth brings over 25 years of experience to the table and offers superior options for commercial and home security needs. SMS security has earned itself an enviable reputation in providing monitored as well as known monitored security systems, CCTV systems and access control systems.

ADT security – Brisbane

The innovative technology and efficient service offered by ADT security have endeared them to home and business owners in Brisbane and her neighbourhoods. ADT’s history spans over two centuries, and that should be a singular reason for home and business owners to entrust the task of securing their homes and businesses in the hands of ADT.



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